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  • 405/505 wagons and sedans occassionally for sale

About Us


Peugeot Holm, your one-stop source for parts and tech support for US Model Peugeot automobiles. We* have been supporting Peugeot owners and service shops from the same location in rural Vermont since 1969.

Our mission is to assist Peugeot owners and service technicians to keep these great classic automobiles on the road, as economically and safely as possible,

• by recycling parts from Peugeots no longer servicable

• by supplying new and rebuilt parts from our extensive inventory and our many suppliers, and

• by assisting in troubleshooting your problems to determine which if any parts are needed. We don't recommend the practice of throwing money at your car.

• by reconditioning for sale Peugeot sedans and wagons with plenty of life left in them, upon request.

Our parts are available wherever UPS, FedEx, or USMail go.